• Virus Removals With Free Computer Tune Up

  • Their is nothing worse then when your computer gets a dreaded Virus.  Viruses, Spyware, Adware & Malware can wreak havoc on your computer and cause many different kinds of issues.  Sometimes it may be hard to differentiate between a virus problem or another kind of problem your computer may be having.  Some of the most common types of symptoms your computer might be experiencing if it has a virus are:

    • Computer running extremely slow and taking a long time to load programs
    • Random freezing when trying to perform a task
    • Numerous pop up ads when browsing the internet
    • Hijacked social media messages or emails sent to friends that you didn't send
    • Normal functions are no longer working (volume, usb ports, etc)
    • Random crashing and computer restarting itself
    • Unexpected messages or programs starting themselves


  • If you suspect you have a virus there are some initial steps you should take to protect yourself and resolve the issue.  Below are the initial steps you should take if you suspect you have a virus:

    1. Immediately backup all of your important documents, pictures, videos and files
    2. Download a free antivirus program such as MalwareBytes and run a scan of your computer
    3. Bring your computer into Computers Plus for an extensive virus removal and FREE computer tune up
    4. Enjoy using your virus free computer again!
  • Free PC Tune Up With Every Virus Removal

    Even after all of the viruses on your computer have been removed, your computer may still be running slow.  That is why we provide you with a FREE computer tune up with every virus removal.  A computer tune up is something that is often needed but most people don't it as often as they should.  Our tune up provides you with the following benefits:

    • We cosmetically clean your computer and remove any dust & debris from it
    • Helps your computer boot up faster and shutdown quicker
    • Clean up menu, desktop & shortcut icons
    • Perform critical Windows updates
    • Update 3rd party programs
    • Provide you with a free anti virus program

    The big box stores charge over $129 just for this service.  
    We here at Computers Plus provide it to you for FREE!